Living Greener

Welcome to Living Greener

Thank you for visiting the Cape Cassini Wilderness Retreat website and the headquarters of Living Greener.

View of our coastline.All colour photos taken on our property.

Curious about finding ways to lighten your footprint on this planet?

This site will share with you:

  • helpful tips for choosing a greener lifestyle through simple changes to your daily routine
  • how to save money in tourism facilities by having a qualified auditor assess your facilities

You will find our approach to Living Greener is straightforward and down-to-earth because that is how we have run Kangaroo Island's best accredited eco-tourism accommodation - Cape Cassini Wilderness Retreat.

Helping with your Power Bills

Enquire with your energy supplier to see if you are eligible for a free Energy Audit. You may also be able to receive free Compact Fluorescent energy saving Lights, reduced flow Shower Heads and Power Boards.

Every day we save water, generate our own electricity and live as consciously as we can to stretch our planet’s resources as far as possible.

We invite you to join us on this journey of on-going discovery